Casa Vissani

Accoglienza, Sapore, Tecnica, Colori… linee sottili… Emozionati!!

A Gourmet Life...

There is no path to success without failure in one’s life, they attract each other such as they were essential to balance our emotions.

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The window

Gianfranco Vissani’s home changes its look and introduces new combinations of tasting menus, Vissani store and gorgeous Hotel rooms. A charming place to relax and taste the pleasure of the Cuisine, extremely captivating with innovative and traditional combinations at the highest level! Irresistible…

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World@goes round

Ideas, life styles, public opinions, personal judgments, latest news thoughts…
World@goes around, a new channel dedicated to Friends and their personal point of view from which we can take important cues for the future! A widespread channel, every month, one of the biggest resources … the Word!

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L'Altro Vissani

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Casa Vissani

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